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Our 40-Year Legacy


"Remember your ABCs."

Having been brought up in the jewelry industry from the time I was a young boy, I can’t count how many times I’ve heard my dad’s signature phrase: Remember your ABCs.


He wasn’t trying to help his young son learn the alphabet. In fact, from the front office to the manufacturing floor, we were coached and reminded to "Always Be Checking".


My dad and partner, Fred, quite literally architected every aspect of business. He didn’t stop at designing the flow of equipment or at selecting state-of-the-art technologies. Equally as important to him was creating a playbook for the people and process that reflected his commitment to excellence.


What started as a jewelry factory in Miami has grown into a multinational manufacturing organization that delivers consistent quality from start to finish, whether it’s your first production run or your 100th. Our timeless values drive our culture and decision-making to this day.


At PJM, we anticipate and prepare for the unexpected with a painstaking level of detail. We ask ourselves “what can go wrong?” If it’s within our control, we’ll spot it. We’re that committed to delivering your jewelry run on time, on budget and to your specifications. 


Forty years later, we still ‘remember our ABSs’ and continue to ask of ourselves ‘what can go wrong?’ Because this is the playbook that has helped us become not only a quality leader in the industry, but a name that represents great trust. And that’s the kind of partner you deserve.

Ira Nusbaum

"My colleagues at PJM are like family. Everybody takes pride in their work and we truly value delivering quality product and customer service."

- Gladys, PJM employee for over 7 years

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