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Get to Know Us

This is where craftsmanship and engineering meet. Phoenix Jewelry Manufacturing brings designs to life with mastery only we can deliver.

Founded in 1992, family-owned and operated PJM has become one of the most respected jewelry manufacturers in the industry. What began as a jewelry factory in Miami has grown to a full-service, international operation built on quality, integrity and transparency. 

Today, we maintain the same values and culture on which our reputation is built and take pride in our ability to set higher standards within the industry.

We demand perfection, because you do.

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Jewelry Making
If You Can Dream It, We Can Make It
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Our Capabilities

From fine gold and silver, personalized jewelry and class rings, to bold fashion accessories. Delivered on time, on budget and made with top quality materials that will exceed your expectations of what's possible.

Unleash your creativity—no level of detail is too intricate. Through our engineering precision, design technology and technical expertise, we have the ability to achieve 99% consistency within each production batch. What you see on your sketch is what your finished product will look like.

We have perfected an approach to manufacturing that starts with a design render and ends with delivery—the result of a proven process, state-of-the-art technology including CAD and 3D printing, and painstakingly detailed communication.       

At every level of our operation across all facilities, we follow our ABSs: always be checking. This is the mantra that certifies that you are as satisfied with the experience as with the finished product.

Our Approach

Our Team

We are a hands-on team of professionals and technicians committed to our craft, our customers and our company values. From our Miami headquarters, we manage round-the-clock, international activities within our facilities in Hong Kong, China, India and Israel.

Our 'customer first' mission has earned us a reputation of integrity and transparency. We take great pride in our track record of delivering quality products and satisfied customers. 

Our Customers

We've seen new customers grow and long-term customers thrive. We work with designers, merchants and entrepreneurs who trust us to deliver excellence—in product, process and service. Every production run is treated to the same high standard of quality and efficiency, every time, no matter the volume.


Our industry thrives on relationships and word travels fast, which is perhaps why our new customers come from existing customers and our supply chain.

"Ira and the team are amazing to work with. They brought my designs to life and made the entire manufacturing experience easy. Because of their extreme level of detail and timeliness, I know I can count on them to have flawless product and inventory available when I need it."
                      - Testimonial from a long-term customer         
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